Even though Ugly Christmas Sweaters seem to be all the rage, it might be that you are not a “sweater” person. This might deter you from accepting an invitation to the ever-popular Ugly Christmas Sweater Party you’ve been invited to, but that’s not how it has to be. Did you know that you have other options?

Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest Roundup

As it turns out, there are many others who don’t particularly care for the Ugly Christmas Sweater, so they have come up with an alternative – the Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest.

With this garment, you can pair it up with just about anything to make a great looking outfit while still fitting the ugly sweater for Christmas requirement. It looks great over a turtleneck shirt or button down collared shirt of just about any color.

Isabella’s Closet Women’s Gingerbread Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest

mens Christmas sweater vestsFirst in the lineup is a Women’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest. True to the Ugly Sweater tradition, the dark bright colors of green, red and black play a vibrant role in this eye-catching garment.

Adorned with various gingerbread characters, snowflakes and Christmas trees, the back is solid red in color. Large red buttons close up the front of this sweater from mid chest to below the waist.

This imported sweater is made of 100% cotton and is best if hand washed and lay flat to dry.

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Forum Novelties Men’s Snowflake Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest

ugly Christmas sweatersNext is a Men’s Ugly Christmas sweater vest. This vest is light blue with dark red lining all the way around. It features prominently large snowflakes, a snowman and a decorated Christmas tree printed on the front with large green buttons to close it up.

This 100% polyester imported sweater is best hand washed and is a great accessory for any adult novelty Christmas costume or outfit. Available in sizes medium and large, you’ll want to make sure you have one of these for your next function.

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Men’s Gingerbread Man Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest

ugly Christmas sweaters for menThe Men’s Gingerbread Man Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest comes from the Ugly Christmas Sweater Company, is dark green in color with red linings all around. The front features a large gingerbread man wearing a Santa hat and a frowning face, as he has had a bite taken out of his cheek, his hand and his foot, with crumbs falling to the ground.

This men’s Christmas vest is 60% cotton, 40% acrylic, imported and completely machine washable. It has contrasting ribbed knit trim at the neck, arm openings and the hemline. A definite conversation starter, you’ll want to have one of these for the next office Christmas party.

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Faux Real Women’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest Long Sleeved T-Shirt

christmas sweater vests uglyNext up is the Faux Real Women’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest Long Sleeved T-Shirt. For those who really, really don’t like the ugly sweaters at all, this long sleeved t-shirt is made to look as though you are wearing an Ugly Sweater Vest over a collared button down shirt.

The tacky Christmas sweater vest is part of the shirt is red with an array of various Ugly Sweater decorations and the button down shirt part is green with red “buttons” as well as a necklace as a nice accessory. This shirt is 100% polyester, imported and completely machine washable. This whimsical holiday graphic tee is a must have at any holiday function, formal or not.

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Lighted Winter Wonderland Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest

men christmas vestsFinally, we come to the Lighted Winter Wonderland Ugly Sweater Vest featuring LED lights. Red in color, the design on the front has a snowman on each side with a green and white candy cane and a large snowflake overhead.

Made of ultra soft 85% acrylic and 15% wool yarn, it contains integrated LED lights controlled by a remote hidden inside the sweater. This high quality garment will last for years. You can easily dress this sweater vest up or down so it’s perfect for formal and informal functions alike.

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Christmas Ugly Sweater Vests

ugly Christmas sweater mensThe Ugly Christmas Vest is perfect for nearly any function, especially those where you might not be inclined to want to wear it for the duration of the event. In such a case, it’s easy to slip off the sweater vest and simply wear what you have underneath, whether it is a nice turtleneck shirt or a nice button down blouse or suit shirt.

It’s just as easy to put it back on, for instance in the case of an Ugly Christmas Sweaters Contest, and then take it right back off again.

If you aren’t sure where you can find ugly Christmas sweater vests for sale, just take a look at any of the links above.