Ugly sweaters parties are the high point of my holiday and I’m sure they’re probably yours as well. Now the only thing you need is an ugly holiday sweater! Below are my pick for the most ridiculous men’s holiday sweaters available. I have shuffled and searched through endless pages of men’s sweaters to find these bad boys.

These men’s sweaters are a unisex fit, so women these will fit you! Most of these sweaters are also available in extra small all the way up to triple extra large, so you should have no problem selecting the perfect size!

Now let’s take a look at some of the ugliest Christmas sweaters of the year!

Yellow Snow Sweater by Tipsy Elves

yellow-snow-ugly-christmas-sweaterDidn’t your mom tell you not to eat yellow snow? This is definitely one of my personal favorites! What better way to bring in the holidays than a jumper that has Santa peeing the words “Merry Christmas” in to fresh white snow!

This sweater is extremely high quality and is made from 100% acrylic that will not shrink or make you itch, unlike cheap ugly Christmas sweaters. It has reinforced seams and double panel construction for an extremely durable machine washable sweater! This sweater will last you for several years.

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Sad Snowman Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater by Alex Stevens

sad-snowman-ugly-christmas-sweaterFrosty may be melting a few days early this year! This sweater will sure bring some laughs and attention, as I’m sure no one will have anything like it! This sweater was created by the Alex Stevens brand that manufactures budget friendly good fitting sweaters.

This Sad Snowman is made from 100% cotton and is hand wash only. I always suggest hand washing more budget friendly sweaters, as they are not quite as durable as brands like Tipsy Elves.

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Bikini Sasquatch Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater by Alex Stevens

bikini-sasquatch-ugly-christmas-sweaterThe Bikini Sasquatch is a guaranteed contest winner and features non other than the hairy beast himself, Sasquatch, in a Ms. Clause inspired bikini. Nowhere else will you be able to see a Bikini Sasquatch!

All of Alex Steven design sweaters fit comfortably and the sizing chart is very accurate and useful. Alex Stevens had done a great job making sure his sweaters fit just right.

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Reindeer Hangover Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater

reindeer-hangover-ugly-christmas-sweaterThe holidays are a great excuse to drink a little than usual and this time, Santa’s reindeer had a little to many drinks. This sweater features Dasher or maybe Prancer puking his guts out right into the snow while a red solo cup is attached to his antler. This is another sure ugly Christmas sweater party winner!

This is another great sweater by Alex Stevens and provides an excellent fit that is semi durable. It’s 100% cotton and is hand wash only!

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Slothy Men’s ugly Christmas Sweater

slothy-ugly-christmas-sweaterThe Slothy is actually my personal favorite and is great for anyone who wants something a little more conservative than the ones above, but would still like the attention and the laughs. This is perfect for the Christmas party at work.

This is another great design by Alex Stevens and features a 100% cotton design that is hand wash only. Since this is a more budget friendly sweater, try not to wash it very often as the colors may fade easier. 

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Toilet T-Rex Attack Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater

toilet-trex-attack-ugly-christmas-sweaterTaken right out of the movie Jurassic Park, Santa is sitting on the toilet about to be devoured by a gigantic and hungry T-Rex. What does this have to do with Christmas? Not too sure, but does it really matter? This is a guaranteed contest winner and no one will have anything like it! Most people find Alex Stevens sweaters to have a great fit.

This sweater was designed by Alex Stevens brand and is made from 100% cotton. It is hand wash only and I suggest washing it as few times as possible since it is a more budget friendly sweater.

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