As if the typical ugly Christmas sweater wasn’t enough, someone had to add LED lights to it, which as absolutely okay with me!

The uglier and more ridiculous the better, right?

These light up ugly Christmas sweaters take things to a whole new level with it’s built in battery pack and LED lighting. You will definitely make everyone jealous and draw tons of attention to yourself while slipping on one of these awesome light up Christmas sweaters.

If you’re looking for a sweater to wear at an ugly sweater party, office work party or just around town for normal wear you’re in the right spot!


Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater Roundup

Most ugly light up Christmas sweaters are unisex fit so they’re more relaxed fitting on both guys and girls. Some girls do prefer the fit of the unisex and also men’s because they are not as form fitting as the women specific fit.

I searched the Internet far and wide to find the most ugliest most tacky light up Christmas sweaters available. Below are my top picks! Enjoy!


Light Up Ugly Christmas sweater by Forum Novelties

lighted up Christmas sweaterForum Novelties has introduced a ridiculous light up holiday jumper option that is splattered with the gaudiest lighting and characters you’ll be able to find. Complete with what every light up ugly Christmas sweater needs, which is a Santa, gingerbread man, Christmas tree, ornament, stocking, drum and of course a stocking!

This ugly Christmas light up sweater is made from 100% polyester, which is hand wash only. Since this sweater is so inexpensive, it usually only last one or two washes before it falls apart. My suggestion is just to keep the sweater as clean as possible and do not wash!

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Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater – Radical Polar Bro

Christmas sweaters that light upFlashing lights and Christmas colors, what more could you possible want? How about a weird polar bear giving you the thumbs up while Santa and his reindeer ride across the night sky? This is sure to be a party favorite and attract all kinds of attention as well as win pretty much any ugly sweater competition!

This sweater is made form 60% cotton and 40% making it fine to machine wash, but make sure to hang dry. This sweaters quality is about midgrade so don’t expect it to last for several seasons if you’re washing often.

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Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater – Fireplace is Lit

Christmas sweater that lights upThat fireplace is LIT! This sweater is the ultimate hit at any party and features bright red, green and blue flashing LED’s. These flashing LED lights are activated upon motion, so if you move, they move! This is a guaranteed competition winner and is definitely one of my top picks!

This sweater is made from a blend of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic, which makes fine to machine wash. I would suggest hang drying to avoid shrinking. This sweater is pretty descent quality but will fade overtime and does contain electronics. To lengthen the life, hand wash and hang dry.

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Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater – Fireplace

light up xmas sweaterThe LED light up fireplace sweater is person favorite out of the bunch is unlike any other light up ugly Christmas jumper out there! Instead of small LED lights randomly placed on the sweater, the flames on the fire light up and alternate between three different flame heights.

This is very high quality sweater that is made from a blend of 85% acrylic and 15% wool for a long lasting durable sweater. Make sure to only hand wash and hang dry. If you’re looking for a ridiculous sweater that will last you several holidays, this is a great choice.

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