When ugly Christmas sweater season rolls around this year, so does couples Christmas sweaters season, so why not celebrate with your significant other with special matching ugly Christmas sweaters?

While others are flauting their “one of a kind” design, you two will also have a sort of a one of a kind design, but one that isn’t complete unless you’re together. What fun you’ll have walking in side-by-side and seeing others reading your sweaters and catching on.

Couples Ugly Christmas Sweaters Roundup

Ugly Christmas sweaters are such a trending fad that you will want to be on top of your game, especially if contests are involved. Sometimes two really are better than one, and in this case, you can double your fun and possibly walk away with a prize for having the best matching Christmas sweaters of the night.

Rudolph and Santa Funny Graphic Couple Sweatshirts

couples matching Christmas sweatersWe get started with the Rudolph and Santa Funny Graphic Couple Sweatshirts. These are black sweatshirts, one bearing a blocky graphic of Rudolph with the words, “That’s it, I Quit!” on the front, the other with a blocky graphic of Santa with the words, “I’ll Double Your Pay!” on the front.

These are 80% cotton 20% polyester, made in the USA and are unisex in size, fitting both men and women with sizes ranging from extra small to 2XL. Great for wearing with your significant other, these couple Christmas sweaters also makes a perfect “couple’s gift” for Christmas.

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Bacon and Egg Funny Graphic Couples Sweatshirts

couples ugly sweatersThe Bacon and Egg Funny Graphic Couples Sweatshirts are a great idea for a Christmas Sweater party or any time over the course of the winter. One of these black sweatshirts features a slice of bacon ice skating with a sweater on with the words “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart” while the other features a fried egg wearing mittens and earmuffs and pulling a tiny sleigh, with the words, “I Couldn’t If I Fried” on the front.

These sweatshirts come in an 80/20 cotton/polyester blend and are of the highest quality. The set of two can range in sizes of extra small up to 2XL and come in a set of two.

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NOroze Unisex Novelty Knitted Ugly Christmas Sweater

matching ugly sweaters for couplesThe NOroze Unisex Novelty Knitted Ugly Christmas Sweater comes in UK sizes from small up to 2XL, is 100% acrylic and features several different gingerbread man designs. Colors include gingerbread cookie red, gingerbread red, gingerbread cream, reindeer navy and gingerbread cookie navy.

These patterns and colors will perfectly fit the theme of any couple ugly Christmas sweater party, no matter which one you choose, and matching shouldn’t be a problem.

Even though both of the pictures models are male, this is a unisex size, so it’s a great option if you want a cute ugly Christmas sweater for couples to match.

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Make Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater Red Sweater Kit

matching sweaters for couplesNext is the Make Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater Red Sweater Kit. When you just can’t seem to decide on a set of matching ugly Christmas sweaters to get, you simply can’t go wrong with making your own!

Made of 100% cotton, these unisex size kits include a plain red sweater, white felt, reindeer, snowflakes, pom poms, glue, red bows, googly eyes, assorted ornaments, glitter gel, jingle bells, wrapped presents, gold bead necklaces, sewing kit, pipe cleaners and stencils.

You are sure to walk away from this with the perfect his and hers Christmas sweaters, unique and designed with love. You could even make each other’s sweater and surprise them with it for an extra conversation topic at the party.

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Shineflow Women’s Unisex Reindeer Gift Ugly Christmas Sweater with Jingle Bells

cute ugly Christmas sweaterFinally, there is the Shineflow Women’s Unisex Reindeer Gift Ugly Christmas Sweater with Jingle Bells. This primarily black sweater has an array of decorative print on the front including reindeer, wrapped presents, ornaments and candy canes as well as other printed designs.

The sizing is one size fits all which equates to an average American medium to large. Made of a cotton/polyester blend, this garment is machine washable and durable for long lasting quality that will be with you for many Christmases to come.

Buy one for your own couples ugly Christmas sweaters party or to give as a gift for that hard to buy for friend on your list.

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Matching Christmas Outfits for Couples

No matter which set of Christmas sweaters for couples you choose, you and your significant other will be pleased at the reception you receive when you walk in with these on.

Made for Christmas fun and conversation, you’ll definitely be the hit couple at the party in these. Make sure you check sizing selections, especially if you are ordering close to the time of the party you will be attending. If there’s no time for returns, you may lose out on all the fun!