Finding the most ridiculous ugly Christmas sweater is always my number one priority around the holidays. But of course my perception of ridiculous could be very much different than yours. Some people go for the ugly Christmas sweater and some people are satisfied with a tacky Christmas sweater. Some folks enjoy just plain funny Christmas sweaters with clever sayings printed on them and some people insist on a light up holiday sweaters. And then there are those of you who want everything combined!

Every year when the Christmas holiday roles around, I spend hours and hours on the Internet searching and shuffling through hundreds of sweaters in hopes to find the ugliest Christmas sweaters out there. Of course by searching through all of these sweaters I run across some pretty amazing sweaters that I just have to share with you.

Each of these sweater categories are great for their own reasons so I’ve made a few different categories that may help you narrow down exactly what you’re hoping to find and of course where to buy funny ugly Christmas sweaters.

Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters

yellow-snow-ugly-christmas-sweaterHere are some of the most ridiculous men’s Christmas Sweaters I have run across. Ugly Christmas sweaters for men will have a gender specific phrases that might not quite fit a lady. Most cheap ugly Christmas sweaters are a unisex fit. They have a more relaxed baggy fit that is suitable for really anyone. Ladies, just be aware that it is not form fitting and will fit somewhat loosely. This of course also depends on the brand as well.

Here is one of the many men’s ugly Christmas Sweaters that I have found to be quite entertaining and sure to win a few competitions! If this one isn’t quite tickling your fancy, click on the link below to check out some more, as well as the one that I have deemed UGLIEST!

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Women’s ugly Christmas sweaters

ugly cat sweatersThere is a huge vast selection of Women’s ugly Christmas sweaters, which makes it so hard choose my top few selections. To make it easier, I’ve picked a variety of ugly, tacky and cute, so hopefully you can find something you like. As far as fit goes, these inappropriate Christmas sweaters for women fit different than the men’s as they are much more for fitting and are not really suitable for a unisex fit.

There were so many ridiculous choices that I could not resist sharing and here is one of them! This one is obviously pretty hideous, but it’s just a taste of what I found. To see them all, click the link below! You’ll also see the women’s holiday sweater that I deemed the ugliest!

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Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweaters

light-up-ugly-christmas-sweater-fireplace-is-litMy personal favorite, light up ugly Christmas sweaters, are battery operated and are sure to bring tons of laughs at any party. These are certainly a step up above your ordinary afforable Christmas sweater. If you are on a mission to win the naughty Christmas sweater competition, get yourself a light up Christmas sweater. Most plus size ugly Christmas sweaters are a unisex, but there are of course some exceptions. Whether you are a fan or not, make sure to check out these inexpensive tacky Christmas sweaters!

Here is an example of one of the many awesome light up holiday sweaters that tickled my fancy. How can you resist those lights!? To see my entire lit up round up, click the link below! You’ll also get to see my top pick for the tackiest light up holiday sweater!

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3D Ugly Christmas Sweaters

black-3d-reindeer-moose-ugly-christmas-sweaterMore recently emerging, the 3D ugly holiday sweater has taken over the ugly sweater party scene by storm. As if tacky, funny and ugly weren’t enough they had to add a soft fuzzy character jumping from out of the front and back of your sweater. Not only are their fuzzy animals like moose and reindeer, there are also some with hanging stockings and fuzzy Rudolph noses attached. As far as fit goes, most of these 3d holiday getups are unisex, so don’t they tend to be loose fitting. If you’re looking for the most ridiculous holiday sweater that is sure to win first place in the ugly sweater party, check these out!

I told you it was 3D! This is by far one of my favorites! Who could ever resist a 3D holiday getup like this! Make sure to check out all my top picks at the link below for the ugliest 3D Xmas sweater out there! If you’ve got a competition to win, this is a top choice!

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Ugly Sweater Party Ideas & Tips

ugly-sweater-partyUgly Sweater parties are always a huge hit and are often a yearly ritual for most people, including me. Throwing an ugly sweater party is guaranteed to bring out plenty of people and create some great memories for you and your friends. There are tons of easy to do ideas that make throwing an ugly sweater vest party simple and easy. Here are some simple and easy things you can do at your ugly sweater party.

  • White Elephant Gift Exchange
  • Ugliest Christmas Sweater competition
  • Funny Christmas Photo Booth
  • Christmas inspired, easy to learn games
  • Make sure to over decorate to make the atmosphere enticing