As it gets closer and closer to the holidays, my anticipation and excitement grows each day for the fun exciting events and parties that come along with the Christmas season.

One of my absolute favorite things to look forward too specifically is the ugly sweater parties that I have the privilege to attend.

However, attending these parties came along with a huge burden, which was finding the absolute ugliest, tackiest Christmas sweater I can find. Part of the battle was locating funny ugly Christmas sweaters for sale. Where do you find them?

You may have already checked out my other articles, “Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters”, “Women’s Ugly Christmas Sweaters” and “Light up Ugly Christmas Sweaters” already. If you haven’t checked them out yet, it’s definitely worth it. For those of you who already have and need something even more ridiculous Christmas sweaters, you are in the right spot!

Ugly 3D Christmas Sweaters Roundup

3D Ugly Christmas Sweaters are the absolute most ridiculous sweaters to grace the face of this earth and are only for those of you who are daring enough to wear such a thing. Each one of these sweaters below is a guaranteed party favorite and will most likely win any competition entered.

Without any further adieu, here are my top picks for the ugliest 3D ugly Christmas sweaters available!

Lighted Fireplace 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater with Tablet Pouch

Christmas sweater tackyHere it is, the most ridiculous 3D Christmas Sweater I could find. If you didn’t think the stuffed animal stuck to the back and front of your sweater wasn’t enough, how about a universal sized pouch for a tablet playing a video of a fireplace?

Still not enough? How about adding dangling stockings over the fireplace with remote control LED lights on the garland? This sweater has it all!

This is an extremely high quality sweater that is made from 85% acrylic and 15% wool to provide great durability.

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Black 3D Reindeer Moose – 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater

ugly christmas cardiganWhat is more tacky, bad, ugly, gaudy, and funny than a stuffed moose protruding from the back and front of an already ugly sweater? Nothing. The 3D moose sweater concept is somewhat new to ugly holiday jumper scene but has really taken over. If you’re looking for a true winner at any holiday event, this is a great choice!

This sweater is made from 15% wool yarn and 85% acrylic making it quality durable sweater that will last. I would recommend removing the Velcro push toy and hand washing for extended life.

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Reindeer Head 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater by Fun Costumes

really ugly Christmas sweaters 3DIf you’re looking for overboard, you’ve found it! This one starts out with a brick wall printed sweater design with a wreath with bulbs hanging down stuck right to the front. In the center of that wreath is a gigantic stuff reindeer head that will stare down your friends right in the eyes.

This gaudy Christmas sweater is made by Fun Costumes and is designed to be a universal fit. I would recommend hand washing this sweater and removing the reindeer and wreath before doing so.

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Santa Face 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater

3D funny ugly Christmas sweaters for menThis is another great choice if you’re looking to get a great reaction out of any holiday event or party! This one’s also known to take first place in ugly holiday sweater competitions as well! Featuring Santa’s face plastered on the front with his gigantic bear sewn on and dangling from the front as well as a velvet hat.

For a long lasting durable sweater, Fun Costumes crafted this sweater from 85% acrylic and 15% polyester. You can expect a nice comfy fit with the Santa Face 3D Ugly Sweater

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Big Belly Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater 3D – Women’s Fit

3D ugly womens Christmas sweatersThis is my top choice for a women’s specific 3D tacky Christmas sweater! This sweater features Santa himself in his true form and physic! Santa’s belly is sure to draw plenty of attention and of course plenty of laughs! This sweater is much less bulky than the 3D reindeer moose sweater above, but still is definitely noticeable at party.

This ugly 3D Christmas sweater is high quality and is made from 100% acrylic for added durability. Unlike a lot of ugly Christmas sweaters, this one is machine washable. This sweater is also designed specifically tailored to fit a woman.

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